First Blog : Penning Down My First Story

It all started with the passion of throwing light on screens with a story. Down the lane, I dint know how to start. Books, they help a lot. Yes, the first book I ever read was MURDER IN A MINUTE. It surely did give me insights on how to start imagining a story line and build characters as the story progresses. The first story I ever penned down was titled as FINAL CALL, yet to release. Lets be honest I never expected to write down a story in a day or a week. It did give me the time and space to feel a character. I learnt that every character has a certain threshold on when to breakdown and how they breakdown based on the insights of the story. Every first story is noting but an overlook of the authors or the writers life himself. I seriously would never want to disclose the story or the film by telling my life story. I am pretty sure that since this is my first ever blog just few would read it. Let me not waste your time. Catch you guys with my next blog.

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